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Women's Bible Study
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Men's Prayer
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Administrative Assistant: Flo Rasmussen

Flo RasmussenFlo Rasmussen has been the secretary at Hillside since March, 2007. She has been married to Tim since June 5, 1971, almost thirty-seven years. They met at a church volleyball league game in Whittier, CA, and were married five months later, (not something that she would necessarily advise--but it worked for them!) They have three children: Bret, Lisa who is married to Matt Perine, and Josh. They also have four grandchildren: Cullen, Bailey, Coby, and Maddy.

Flo was born in Ogden, Utah on September 10, 1949, and raised around Kansas City, Missouri. She moved to Los Angeles when she was 12, when her father, who worked for TWA, was transferred there.

She was saved at the age of 8 when she was sitting in church one day, and decided that that's what she wanted, but Jesus was not the Lord of her life until she was 21, when she started to really depend on Him.

Flo attended Biola College in La MIrada, CA, for two years.

Tim and Flo moved to Julian in February of 2005, when Tim accepted the job of Facilities Manager at Camp Wynola. She also worked part time in the office there for a while. Tim now works for DLR Construction here in Julian.

When I asked Flo if there was something that no one here knows about her, she said that she has been known to be a daredevil. She enjoys dirt bike riding, water skiing--and once jumped off a 75 foot cliff into the water! (Another thing she wouldn't advise!)

Tim and Flo attended Calvary Church of Santa Ana for 32 years. During that time, she was secretary to first the Worship Pastor and then the Senior Pastor. She worked in the office there for three years, and she and Tim also worked with the youth in that church for 15 years. She says that's the reason she's been on so many water ski, camping, and snow trips.

Flo is the youngest of five children. She has three brothers, Bill, Jim, and Phil, and a sister, Barbara Campbell, about and with whom she will speak at the April Sweet Monday Women's Ministry.

Flo's hobbies are reading, sewing if she has the time, and outdoor activities, like riding Harleys with Tim. (She says she's not a street bike person, she likes off-road.) Flo also likes to sing. She also sings in the choir here at Hillside, and with the Sunday night worship team.

Her favorite Bible verse is Philippians 4:13: "I can do all things through Christ, who strengthens me."

Her goal is to stay in Julian.

The Church Secretary's office used to be in the Sunshine House, but since that is being made into a home for Roger and Jenna Day, Flo is currently working in the small room next to the church platform, called the Choir Room by some. The former Baby Barn is being converted into offices for Flo and our pastor, Rick Hill. Flo hopes to be in the new office in a month or so. If you want to reach her, her usual days and hours are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday 9-noon. The church phone number is 765-3691.

Flo Rasmussen - Administrative Assistant

Phone: 760.765.2993   760.315.5776
Staff: Flo Rasmussen


Choir: Ernie Liebman

Ernie LiebmanErnie Liebman is in charge of the Music Ministry at HillsideChurch. He has served on the Elder Board at Emmanuel Faith Community Church in Escondido for 20 years. He was the Assistant Choir Director at EFCC for 34 years, and has led many other choirs as well. He has been retired from the Escondido Fire Department for 16 plus years, and served as the Fire Marshal for 10 of my 26 years with the Department.

His wife, Marcia, plays the piano at Hillside, as well as assists with the WOMEN’s Ministry, and the kitchen details.

Ernie Liebman - Choir

Phone: 760.749.1320


Kevin O'Connor

Kevin O'Connor - Men's Ministries


Aleta Starnes

Aleta Starnes - Prayer Chain


Mark Sloan

Mark Sloan - Missions


Betty Sloan

Betty Sloan - Newsletter


Richard Crockett

Rich Crockett - Ushers


Kris Coates

Kris Coates - Women's Ministries


Misty Dornan

Misty Dornon - Sunday School


Ida Engevik

Ida Engevik - Children's Ministry Director


Bernice Nevarez - Sunday School

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